White Denim – Gas On F

Even before the ill fated tweet that was to be his comeuppance Irish Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher had lost me. Asked what type of music he liked all he could muster was “anything with a lively beat”. Now if he’d followed that hollow collection of words with “right now I’m all over White Denim, especially their ‘Gas On F’ number” he may well have stood some chance of scooping my vote but since it was not even released at that stage I’d probably have put him down as a witchdoctor that was best avoided. To which I can only really add that so good are Austin’s White Denim that their song ‘Gas On F’ was never given a formal release. Instead it was cast into the black hole that is the internet and before too long the vultures that are the music bloggerati consumed it whole while smacking their lips together with greasy glee. KD

White Denim – Gas On F

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Year: 2012

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