Cat Power – Ruin

I do believe I am behind the times given that Cat Power’s ‘Sun’ album has been out a couple of months and this song has been doing the rounds since early summer. But I’ll hold my hands up and reason with you that this was the first time I’d heard it and when first we met its tags were so badly disfigured it took a few searches before I realised it was the Marshall lady. Even then I had to resort to some hype machine blogrolls before I could confirm that Cat Power had indeed thrown caution to the wind and was sounding positively happy. How could this be, I guess recording it in Malibu helped and Marshall’s new found sense of DIY probably achieved a sense of liberation. It’s as if a weight has been lifted without losing the searing intensity that made this singer one of the most distinct in indiedom. KD

Cat Power – Ruin

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Year: 2012

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