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It’s really happening now, the feeling that Christmas is finally here. This blog will soon be powering off but for the next couple of days we promise to turn this page into a giant snowball full of Christmas songs. Not any old Christmas songs mind, these are the festive numbers that you can squirrel away for the moment that darn ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ finally drives you bonkers. Nollaig Shona Daoibh! KD


The Bird And The Bee - Wishes

Seems the majority of Christmas songs that make it onto this blog are relaxed affairs. And the Bird and the Bee‘s ‘Wishes’ is no exception with wonderful cooing courtesy of Inara George. This is pieced together with precision of a hand knitted festive jumper and is all the warmer for that very fact.

The Bird And The Bee – Wishes


The Bandana Splits - Wonderful Christmas Time

For those who detest Paul McCartney’s original help is at hand. A way to give the old chestnut the once over without subjecting your ears to those over excited synths. And New York trio the Bandana Splits cover is a short little number, lasting under 90 seconds but leaving us with the sweetest of memories. A waltz without the smaltz you might say.

The Bandana Splits – Wonderful Christmas Time


Adam and Darcie - O Holy Night

Being the sort that I am I naturally gravitate to secular Christmas songs rather than carols but exceptions can definitely be made when acts like Adam and Darcie work their magic on an old traditional. On this occasion they play ‘O Holy Night’ as quiet as can be and the result is like an audio sorbet. Cleanse yourself of the glitter and tinsel for a few minutes with this piece of joy and you can find more serenity on the couple’s ‘Christmas‘ EP.

Adam and Darcie – O Holy Night


Catwalk - The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)

I was always surprised at how little this song had been covered but thankfully there are artists out there like Nick Hessler who can identify its inherent strength (it’s by the Chipmunks but don’t let that put you off, we’re all kids at heart you know). In truth his band Catwalk does very little to alter the original but it is coined in such a way as to attract those who normally be abhorred.

Catwalk – The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)


I Heart The Monster Hero - Make It Ring (Like A Christmas Bell)

Everyone knows that the proceeds from the best Christmas songs go to charity and Dublin’s I Heart The Monster Hero fly the flag of this grand tradition on their ‘Make it Ring (Like A Christmas Bell)’ epic. All monies from this 2-sided single go to Focus Ireland so why not make someone else happy while dancing around the tree at the same time.

I Heart The Monster Hero – Make It Ring (Like A Christmas Bell)


Spectrals - It's Christmas and I've Got Everything I Want

This is odd and completely brilliant. And things get even weirder about 4 minutes in but that’s what you get from precocious 21 year olds. Slumberland Records are behind the scenes pulling the strings so you know it’s gotta be memorable.

Spectrals – It’s Xmas and I’ve Got Everything I Want


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