A Beacon School – Invitation

A Beacon School

Whenever we return to A Beacon School (and that includes their previous incarnation as the Seascape as well their various jollies as part of Midi and the Modern Dance) they have moved forwards, while never straying that far away from the kernal of their talent. That being the ability to pen a great tune, perfect little packages that are to the brim with vigour and light. Led by the youthsome Patrick Smith ‘EP’ is a 6-track recording that was pieced together over 2 years. Not that you notice anything less than seamless in the running order. The production is lo-fi but if anything that benefits the charging momentum. Opening track ‘Invitation’ is close to staggering, a 3-and-a-half minute epic that feels much longer than that. That’s due in the main to the continuous twisting melodies and crashbangwallop instrumental diversions. Fans, nope we’re probably a bit more than that. KD

A Beacon School – Invitation

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Year: 2013

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