SPLASHH – Washed Up


If you are as old as me you’ll remember the hirsute, short panced Stourbridge combo known as Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. There were a couple of things that always struck me about that band (who are remarkably still on the road), one was that they were an awful lot of fun and the other was their incessant use of the bass guitar. The latter completely defined their sound and gave it an even more charming exterior. I thought about the Ned’s as the opening bars of SPLASHH’s ‘Washed Up’ hoved into view. What a set of galloping horses I thought and what a bunch of loveable chappies this Hackney crew must be. Especially since their output to date has been the product of a bedroom recording type situation. What’s happening to bedrooms these days, they’ve gone from not been able to swing a cat to swigging a sticky bottle of JD and aiming the most precise grooves at an adoring audience who may similarly be cooped up in their sleeping quarters. Not for long methinks especially as SPLASHH have swapped their ancestral home for the great outdoors (worldwide tour ongoing). Happy. KD

SPLASHH – Washed Up

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Year: 2013

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