Knocking Ghost – Independent Girl

Knocking Ghost

Not in the least bit surprised that London’s Knocking Ghost have remixed for Erasure for they are synths from the same bleep pod. The fact that 2 of the band are called Andy (OMD) and Neil (PSB) only confirms the suspicion that they’ve chosen the correct route. And this from a barely conceived 3-piece who have slung their debut EP, ‘Distractions’, about the internet with carefree abandonment. There are plenty of acts plummeting to recreate a laborious 80’s sound and for the most part they are excretable. What makes Knocking Ghost the shit is their wholesale embracing of the key to those dayglow classics from 3 decades ago, namely the fact they’ve remembered to include a memorable tune with each of their songs. So simple really but then that decision and a nous to deliver on it is a rarefied occurrence in 2013. Got to admire their spirit. KD

Knocking Ghost – Independent Girl

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Year: 2013

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