Alt-J – Tessalate


This has created enough speculation in adult minds that I’ve removed the offending shape from the Tupperware shape o ball that has been resident on our sitting room floor for over a year. And for the life of me I had no idea the song was from (qwerty device fans) Alt-J as it arrived in my inbox tagged with a triangular shape for the band name (which is 4real as I later found out). Me being the way I am I would have not given the tune as good a hearing if I’d known it was by these most popular of creators (such a tool really) but it is a hugely seductive listen (hmmm). The video is quite remarkable too, all innuendo and young bodies just waiting for the opportunity to do what is burning up their racy little minds. Based on a classic arty piece and Alt-J have done little to dim the feeling of precious creativity. Odd how this all came to me on the day of Storm Thorgerson’s death. KD

Alt-J – Tessalate

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Year: 2012

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