AfterParty – Jungle Dreams


Not sure what stopped me from destroying this mp3 because on initial inspection it had a tad too much cheese to go the distance. Putting it aside I then returned a number of times and on each occasion a little more of the tune velcroed. Now I’m thinking it could nestle quite comfortably in a playlist to kickstart the summer, just before Slow Magic’s ‘Corvette Cassette’ takes over or Friendly Fire’s ‘Jump In The Pool’ brings proceedings to the next level. Andreas Szego is behind the AfterParty project and he is making a grand statement before middle age finally consumes him under a pile of dirty nappies and unpaid bills. ‘Jungle Dreams’ flicks through the back catalogue of a number of 1980’s luminaries (Erasure for one) before racing back to the future to join modern contemporaries like the Tough Alliance. This could well stick in your head like the snaking advances of a tongue from a 3am disco admirer. KD

AfterParty – Jungle Dreams

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Year: 2013

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