Amor De Dias – Dream (Dead Hands)

Amor De Dias

While it might have been more pertinent to pluck a track from Alasdair MacLean and Lupe Nunez-Fernandez’s new album ‘The House at Sea’ this song just fitted the prevailing mood. ‘Street of the Love of Days’ came out in 2011 but the gestation period in the lead up to release day took over 3 years. Quite how the duo remained that fragile for so long is anyone’s guess but that is the sort of clientele we’re dealing with here. In other hands ‘Dream (Dead Hands)’ could have floundered under a sea of nothingness but Amor De Dias excel at fluid storylines from achingly slow waltzes. If I’m not wrong there is a harp very much at the center of this piece which means it could sit well at celestial locations, its natural berth. Amor De Dias are unlike anything else doing the rounds at the moment. KD

Amor De Dias – Dream (Dead Hands)

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Year: 2011

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