Arches – Nowhere To Go


Arches deserve credit for recording a song for those Friday nights when all that can be achieved is a slow form of shuffling from room to room while either engaging in dump truck imbibement or freewheeling but utterly fruitless channel surfing. Not at all slovenly I might add, just a necessary series of wind downs to seal the previous 5 days of salaried activity. And Arches make it all sound so gloriously hip, as if laziness can be turned on its head and into an art form. The ponderous steps that could easily be misconstrued as the result of several decades of bad food instead metamorph into a slinky slow-mo presentation where each muscular coordination syncs with the slacker jangle. And those low slung vocals offer a commentary that presents the two couch dwellers as near Joycean in their deliberate interactions.KD

Arches – Nowhere To Go

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Year: 2011

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