Gobble Gobble – End of Days

Gobble Gobble

All told this is quite a demented piece of work. Thankfully and with little help from that moniker it’s nowhere close to being a turkey. Cecil Frena, Megan James and Corin Roddick are the mad hatters at the controls (James and Roddick went on to form Purity Ring while Frena ditched Gobble Gobble for Born Gold) as sounds seep from a mixing desk that is about to keel over. As the plumes of smoke threaten to consume all within the room the last vestiges of normality apply themselves to a tape marked ‘End of Days’ and Gobble Gobble, no doubt, unveil grins that could frighten those of a nervous disposition. We’re thinking there are Xiu Xiu machinations at work and if you are armed with that knowledge before listening there should nothing here to startle. KD

Gobble Gobble – End of Days

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Year: 2010

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