The Books – Beautiful People

The Books

I’ve taken this line directly from the Books record label Temporary Residence ‘the deluxe 2xLP format comes packaged with 36 full-color die-cut stickers for you to design and decorate your own unique record cover’. Says it all really, a band (duo Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong) not content to sit on their behinds and serve up something stale or rehashed or someone else’s work in new clothes. They’ve subsequently broken up since this song was released in 2010 as part of LP ‘The Way Out’ so it seems that their innovation was only good enough for universal critical acclaim but the buying public just did not climb aboard in significant numbers. They could be impenetrable at times which probably didn’t help their cause but when they hit their stride on tracks like ‘Beautiful People’ their brand of innovation was capable of rhapsody. KD

The Books – Beautiful People

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Year: 2010

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