Cat Malojian – Life Rolls On

Cat Malojian

Given the name it was never in any doubt that this was anything other than an Irish band. It’s a phrase I haven’t heard since college mind you. The trio responsible for the language archaeology come from Lurgan, Co. Armagh and features siblings Rachel and Jonny Toman and bandleader Stevie Scullion. They’ve been releasing records for over 9 years now and this is from one of their earlier releases. ‘Life Rolls On’ has the banjo and the fragile vocals so comparisons with Sufjan Stevens are inevitable (there are hints of the Harvest Ministers too) but there is enough personality to ensure they can carve out their own niche. Much to admire then especially when you find out they recorded a song dedicated to Maradona called ‘Hand of God’. KD

Cat Malojian – Life Rolls On

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Year: 2006

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