Empire of The Sun – Alive

Empire of The Sun

I have to admit to admiring Empire of the Sun’s ‘We Are The People’ for a long time before realising who they were. And following that revelation it took some further time to discover that one half of the Sydney act was Luke Steele from the Sleepy Jackson. Not sure I’m sold on their futuristic kitsch wardrobe but my this is an undoubtedly talented duo (Nick Littlemore makes up the flipside) who know how to coin a memorable hook. And if ‘Alive’ from newbie LP ‘Ice On The Dune’ (out on June 14) is anything to go by the best might yet be to come. This has a real anthemic feel to it that craves the dicing capabilities of an army of noted remixers. And so it has come pass but the original is the one that we’ve grown very fond of indeed. KD

Empire of The Sun – Alive

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Year: 2013

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