Judson Claiborne – Neo Pagan Lovesong

Judson Claiborne

It’s in the same league as the equally tongue tripping ‘If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing’ from Manchester’s Alfie and much like that album Judson Claiborne’s ‘We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys’ is shaping up to be a cherisable affair. I’m basing this on the primer (and a thorough rummage through their previous releases) ‘Neo Pagan Lovesong’ which has been lolloping back and forth on my speakers all through a sunny Sunday afternnon. Never ones to hurry along this Christopher Salveter (formerly Low Skies who were signed to the great Flameshovel Records) troupe are doing it their own way and creating a sound that is the essence of the finest languid pop. You know the sort that could play in the background but may also sneek its way into your affections with velcro like aplomb. KD

Judson Claiborne – Neo Pagan Lovesong

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Year: 2013

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