College (feat. Electric Youth) – A Real Hero

College - Electric Avenue

Given the pastels in the movie, ‘Drive’, it was a real coup to get a song so redolent of the 1980’s to be a central plank in its pacing (the song also appeared on the Liam Neeson vehicle ‘Taken 2’). This is Giorgio Moroder for a generation not used to spending too much time on one particular track but given its environs College’s ‘A Real Hero’ has shown superior sticking power. Frenchman David Grellier is the man behind the wheel at College and for this 2011 composition he enlisted Canadian duo Electric Youth. It did a bit of business back home but ‘A Real Hero’ failed to do much anywhere else (in official charts anyway). Surprising really given the memorable electro pulse and lush ethereal female vocals. Driving was never the same again. KD

College (feat. Electric Youth) – A Real Hero

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Year: 2013

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