Gondola – We Are The Map


I love the instrumentation on this one from Brooklyn quartet Gondola. Reminds me of the best bits from Code Pie’s ‘Love Meets Rage’ where the brass bits engender a sense of quiet euphoria. Gondola appear to be a band unafraid of displaying their happy side, ah the bliss of 1 EP in and petty squabbles a world away, with lyrics to match like ‘anywhere we go it’s a holiday’. For the syncing humour there is also a balance in the playing that means every part gets equal window space. There is an off-kilter dynamic running right through the bands’ 4-track EP which gives it a certain in built future proofing gleam. An album to flesh these interesting baby steps could well worth waiting for. KD

Gondola – We Are The Map

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Year: 2013

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