Ben Hood – This Year

December 24th - Front Art

With Christmas rolling around again the inevitable Indiecater festive compilation is shaking a snow globe in the face of everyone on the block. You should know the drill by now with this collection of Christmas songs attempting to offer some variety to the tired old festive soundtrack that has been treading the boards since you were in nappies. ‘December 24th’ is an EP of 6 songs featuring old favourites Adam & Darcie, Candy Claws and the Very Most as well as new friends Photo Ops, Spread The Celebration and Ben Hood. And it is the latter’s song ‘This Year’ that you can hear below with a certain anthemic dash to its heartfelt message of love and family over the season. Londoner Hood is just starting out but his wide-eyed compositions are likely to find favour with a huge audience. ‘This Year’ is initially quietly acoustic before lighting up like a Rockefeller Christmas tree with pretty orchestral and chord flourishes. It is a lovely indiecater that good Christmas music is still being produced. You can listen to all of ‘December 24th’ on the Indiecater website and bandcamp but please remember this EP is not just for Christmas (Eve). KD

Ben Hood – This Year

More Info: December 24th
Year: 2013

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