Slow No Wake – Everyone Needs Someone

Slow No Wake

With less time set aside for dieting on new music I instead tend to soundtrack the activity of everydayness with an ever shuffling soundtrack. For most of the time this results in pleasant background music that is rarely afforded the attention it deserves but from time to time I am awoke from my slumber by a track that bears a superior attention grabbing demeanour. It happened about 3 minutes into Adam Theron-Lee Rensch’s swirling and hypnotic deity ‘Everyone Needs Someone’ which saw its course directed back to its origins on several occasions. This is bright languid pop (Bluresque at times) that is season-free insofar as it could reside as easily at the foot of the snowy slopes as it could as the sun comes down beach-side in about 6 months’ time. And there’s a full album of the stuff on Slow No Wake’s debut album which was released just December last. KD

Slow No Wake – Everyone Needs Someone

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Year: 2013

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