Damien Jurado – Silver Timothy


Damien Jurado

11 albums in and still pumping out the goods Seattle artist Damien Jurado must surely be in line for a break or two. Not that being signed to Secretly Canadian can be anything else but a good thing but with a piece of work such as his latest LP ‘Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son’ speckled with greatness he deserves his time in the sun. ‘Silver Timothy’ is just one exhibit from a collection of songs that don’t sound like they’ve come from 2014. But not being of your time hardly hands compositions with the divine right to be great so we should be thankful that Jurado’s songs are so well formed. Not only that but they have soft cores, just ripe for licking or liking depending on your social train of thought of the moment. ‘Silver Timothy’ is a velveteen comfort blanket that should see you through the hard times when all access bar daytime radio is your lot. Refuge rarely comes this well constructed. KD

Damien Jurado – Silver Timothy

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Year: 2014

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