Landlady – Above My Ground


This is the equivalent of spotting some artwork and buying the CD based on that aesthetic prompt alone. For once I clapped eyes on this band with the name Landlady I knew for sure that the goods within would be a decent match. As it turned out they were better than that with this Brooklyn based troupe led by Adam Schatz turning in something as awkwardly engrossing as Elbow’s ‘Asleep In The Back’. With their new album ‘Upright Behaviour’ still almost 2 months there is still plenty of old ground to rake over given that the band’s debut album came out in late 2011. ‘Above My Ground’ is freshly roasted however, a grinding upwardly mobile assault of the senses that requires several inspections before its greatness becomes altogether apparent. Devastating stuff and an early peek at what could be one of the albums of the year. KD

Landlady – Above My Ground

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Year: 2014

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