The Rungs – Confluence of Anomalies

The Rungs

Not sure about you but I gave up a long time ago on bands that attempted to ply us with cast off 80’s synth lines. I mean it was bad enough the first time around but decades later it sounds even worse. Thank the Lord then for bands such as New York’s the Rungs. Made up of wife and husband team Mandy and Diwas Gurung this is an unusual confection, an electro splatter gun that for the most part fires juicy melodies every which way. Mandy’s soft vocals, ethereal at times, are the glue that keeps the disparate instrumental parts from escaping into the ether. And we wouldn’t want to lose a single component from this eclectic stew. The Rungs self-titled debut EP might be but 3 tracks but each has a singular personality you should try to get to know intimately. KD

The Rungs – Confluence of Anomalies

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Year: 2014

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