Happyness – It’s On You


So under the radar they may as well have taken up residence in a bunker at earth’s core this 3-piece London band could well become this year’s most coveted underground sensation. That’s if Happyness’ self-released debut album ‘Weird Little Birthday’ gets the attention it deserves. That its true audience (fans of 90’s guitar bands) may well be knee deep in coaxing their little ones into the rewards of post-school endeavour rather than spending time searching the internet for new musical talent is disappointing but then that didn’t stop Cymbals Eat Guitars from breaking recently. ‘It’s On You’ is slacker pop with witty lyrics a la high tide Pavement (and it even reprises the ‘Cut Your Hair’ wohoo’s along the way) and it may be enough to tempt you into the dust cupboard containing the circular laser guided bullion of yesteryear’s labour. KD

Happyness – It’s On You

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Year: 2014

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