Man Meets Bear – Waabgonii Giizis

Man Meets Bear

For some this might sound like a recording of the moment the alien craft hit the surface of the earth but personally this provides a glimmer of hope that perhaps there is hope. Hope that something in 2014 can sound fresh and original, not just a repackaged throwback to another era. Man Meets Bear (as opposed to the more dramatically correct Bear Eats Man) is the work of water enthusiast and name-thinker-upper Soren Little Brothers who is about as prolific as anyone who records music for pleasure rather than for a living. Probably means he is not stifled by anything apart from the creative lengths his cranium will go to to eek out comfortably rich noise. ‘Waabgonii Giizis’ is taken from his unfeasibly long current album (24 tracks and counting) ‘Waagaaskingaa’ which means that once you’ve broken this number down there are still 23 pieces of ingenuity left to tame. Whether you’re up to the task depends on the value you put on being challenged and by proxy rewarded for your listening time. See video below for how it used to be on quite a regular basis. KD

Man Meets Bear – Waabgonii Giizis

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Year: 2014

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