Thurston Moore – The Best Day

Thurston Moore

Not sure how he does it but given his recent goods it appears as if Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has lost none of his hunger for scuzzy chord-filled deities. With his band Sonic Youth dormant Moore has recruited a motley crew, which includes MBV’s Debbie Googe, and produced an album called ‘The Best Day’ (his 4th without his SY compadres). The title track is the perfect meeting point and while it undeniably recalls his former band there is much exciting newness to recommend it. In short ‘The Best Day’ is as good as anything Sonic Youth produced in their prime. It is vibrant, alert and the sound of a man who never lost the vigour and drive that you’d expect from a bright-eyed teenager. You too can have the best day on October 21st. KD

Thurston Moore – The Best Day

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Year: 2014

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