Bell Gardens – Take Us Away

Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens (comprised of Kenneth James Gibson and Brian McBride of Stars of the Lid fame) and the sound they make is not at all what you’d expect to arrive from the sultry streets of LA. This is sound to spirit you away to rocky mountain highs where the views are only stunning and your isolated hotel room just begs you to leave your emotional baggage at the front entrance. That’s because ‘Take Us Away’ and its ilk from Bell Gardens soothsome masterpiece ‘Low Dawns for Lost Conclusions’ is an invitation for thoughtful recuperation. No sleep is required, just a pair of closed eyes and the sense of levitation that the album ushers into your mindset. I know all this because this is what happened to Mr and Mrs Hugger as we listened in from our weekend lair in deepest Ireland. Somewhere very special a relaxation room has found the perfect soundtrack. KD

Bell Gardens – Take Us Away

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Year: 2014

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