Gemma Hayes – Iona

Gemma Hayes

Personally I don’t think Gemma Hayes has ever stepped beyond the shadow of her beguiling turn on ‘Lay Lady Lay’ with Magnet way back in 2005. There’s no denying the Tipperary chanteuse talent but until this year’s ‘Bones + Longing’ came along she was just one of a hatful of ethereal voices. That it was produced thanks to a fan sourced pledge campaign shows you all you need to know about how hard it can be for artists of good standing to make their way in the industry. The effort required seems to have spurred Hayes on however and ‘Bones + Longing’ is a candidate for album of the year. It is sad, mournful but indelibly infused with an indefatigable sense of hope. It is also the best dream-pop album for years and ‘Iona’ should provide you with a marker for its devastating power. Beautiful. KD

Gemma Hayes – Iona

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Year: 2014

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