Myriam Gendron – Solace

Myriam Gendron

While it sometimes feels as frustrating as the quest to discover life beyond our solar system there is an unquenchable joy in arriving at artists such as Montreal’s Myriam Gendron. It’s still early days but it seems the girl has it all. Her first steps have resulted in an 9-track album called ‘Not So Deep As A Well’ which uses the words from a book of poetry of the same name by Dorothy Parker. Gendron came across the tome during her day job and was so smitten she decided to act on the sounds playing in her head. ‘Solace’ is typical of the folk ramblings on show with beautifully cultivated guitar play and Gendron’s intimate singing proving a potent and heartfelt concoction. KD

Myriam Gendron – Solace

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Year: 2014

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