Rebel Kites – Atlas Sky

Rebel Kites

If the music paints a grand, expansive prairie vista it just takes the rich vocals to usher in the majestic herd of bison (and all this from a London band!). Yes, ‘Atlas Sky’ is that kind of song, a cinematic experience that reveals its greatness over several acts. First there is the grand instrumental build which is a standalone classic in its own right but the arrival of Alex Story’s heavenly vocals will undoubtedly send a flotilla of shivers down your spine. Most music can be adequately rendered on a perfunctory set of speakers but for ‘Atlas Sky’ you should consider opening your wallet and the volume control on the resultant high-end subwoofer. This is in part due to the richness in the mosaic conjured by a multitude of instruments but also to an unfussy production that just lets the constituents’ parts breathe in their own space until they fill the considerable whole. You’ll find some of the finest moments of 2015 on Rebel Kites new EP called ‘The Witnessing’. Very special indeed. KD

Rebel Kites – Atlas Sky

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Year: 2015

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