Jagwar Ma – Say What You Feel

If you were indie dancing in the 90’s then Australian duo Jagwar Ma’s recently released 2nd LP ‘Every Now and Then’ will be manna for your tired old frame. The album boasts endless reference points from that decade with knowing winks to Screamadelica, Altern 8, Voodoo Ray and a good deal of what came out of Madchester. The best thing of all is that you need no prior knowledge of that ancient civilisation to enjoy every rhythmic beat of ‘Every Now and Then’. The high point of the album is undoubtedly ‘Say What You Feel’, which is unapologetically giddy with Tim Burgess type vocals, a groove that descends into all out synth mania and a running time that may challenge those with a fleeting attention span. It’s probably my song of the year, that may well be because it brings me back but then it also moves me forward with a smile on my face. Bottled euphoria now comes on tap. KD

Jagwar Ma – Say What You Feel

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Year: 2016

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