Mylo Bybee – Down Not Out

A proper bluster here from this most agitated of acts, the kind that just won’t sit still and settle on a particular idea. Not when there are a hundred billion other ways to skin a cat, or a play a song as in this case. And it makes for an exciting confrontational piece of work, a singer who probably is the main driver for the invite to come closer in the hope that we won’t be burnt from all the activity. This is Boise, Idaho and the noisy sort of individuals it produces (see also Built To Spill) but Mylo Bybee also have a folky Midlake like texture. ‘Down Not Out’ is hard to turn away and I’m sure that in a live incarnation it is incendiary, even here on record there remains a few moments where we get the distinct whiff of singe. KH

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Year: 2021

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