Dream Demon – This Is Out Song

Must say I could feel the tug of this act’s talent (they are spread evenly between Seattle and San Diego) early on here, there is something in the undergrowth and in tandem with the air currents that carry this song to suggest that they have an all too rare weightiness. There are echoes of Radiohead for sure, especially in the vocals, but ‘This Is Our Song’ has something glam and romantic that the Oxford foursome have lost along the way. So it is spirited but it is also so individual we never quite know how it is all going to turn out. And on listening a couple of times it just felt like it flowed rather than made for a particular centrepiece, but still so magnificent it had me pining for that prog phase Mew so successfully delivered. Instinctually I feel this is a journey of several dozen of listens. KH

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Year: 2020

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