No Berlin – It’s Not Stealing If You Don’t Get Caught

Brewing up a storm here, I could tell from the getgo but what I hadn’t realised what that No Berlin (Mark Eric Lewis) have such an adherance to the cherishable ramshackle punk rock that we’ve conspired to lose along the way. And the din really is a boon for my 90’s leaning music tastes, a tune to get lost in the noise and at times I even heard something of Jellyfish to tell us that No Berlin have something of a seam of songwriting qualities here. It harks back to a great time in music, freedom of expression without worrying about how it would affect the like count.’It’s Not Stealing If You Don’t Get Caught’ is taken from No Berlin’s debut EP ‘Ten Eggs No Less’. KH

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Year: 2021

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  1. Georgia Lynch
    June 10, 2021

    Wow really good stuff!

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