Sterile Cuckoo – The Ghost Of Saint Claire

You know I come from way back then, as in I remember the first time when shoegaze and dreampop were the dominant forces in indie circles and much and all as I like the return to that way of thinking in contemporary acts they are to a large degree not really adding anything new. So when I saw that Sterile Cuckoo were hitching their wagon to the nostalgia train I didn’t hold out huge hope, how wrong I was though. For ‘The Ghost of Saint Claire’ is such a freeform movement of noise, of dreamy constructs, wispy and evocative and a grand reawakening of the MBV/Cocteau’s/Slowdive/I Break Horses mine of music that hits you squarely in the mid-drift so it is hard to breathe. The revival starts here or better still a brand new artful beginning. Swooning from the rooftops here. KH

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More Info: Official Hear More Songs: Sterile Cuckoo Year: 2022

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