Micah Frank & Chet Doxas – Ave Maria

Could it be mimicing the last days of the hippie movement I thought to myself. Definitely a mood piece for sure and far from our usual haul of indie ingredients. I’d imagine Lemon Jelly would be rather partial to what is going on, as would British Sea Power who have a way with unusual soundscapes that somehow add up to magical. ‘Ave Maria’ takes its time to reveal itself but in that unfurling there is quite a bit of majesty – as if a grand orchestra are warming up but in a manner that suggests they’ve being doing it for aeons and the natural flow is in fact cultured meandering. Don’t know why but it felt like a push in a direction we might be headed, floating and dreamy but not in the least bit predictable. No drugs required, hallucinogenic properties without any of the attendant dizziness. Not so suddenly I am in love. KH

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More Info: Official Hear More Songs: Micah Frank & Chet Doxas Year: 2022

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