Adriana McCassim – Touch

‘Touch’ is a slow kind of feeling, the kind that has amore on its mind but only at Adriana McCassim’s pace and anyway who are we to argue when you clap ears on a voice that has such a captivating quality. And behind all the sweet nothings is a rock track that exposes us to grandiose chords that threaten to boil over and spoil the mood lighting. Makes for a hynotic brew, the coiled spring threatening to unravel in a series of sonic fireworks that will both thrill and startle. Arresting stuff and so beautifully out of whack of the ordinary. Expect more of the same on McCassim’s debut LP ‘See it Fades’, out early next year. KH

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More Info: Official Hear More Songs: Adriana McCassim Year: 2022

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