A Certain Someone – Suburbian

The pulse is such that I was taken the whole way back to the last century, probably a drift between the late 80’s and somewhere in the 90’s. And it felt like proper travel through time because A Certain Someone has crafted an immersive electro pulse with soft vocal guidance so that we never feel alarmed. The denouement comes in the building arrangements, a rapturous heart-filled sequence in the instrumental section to lift proceedings to the point of spiritual. René Arbeithuber bears a message too, the importance of individualism in a world that rewards a direction of least resistence. But where is fun or reward in being a sheep and ‘Suburbian’ serves as a torchlight for those who follow their heart. Uplifting ambience, a crossroads for those who’ve realised what this mortal coil is really all about. KH

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Year: 2024

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