Hipsy Gap – Shellshocked

It is inevitable that things won’t be straight forward when it comes to Hipsy Gap, I mean they have that kind of cavalier approach so all bets are off. They begin matters on ‘Shellshocked’ in a way that is suggestive of rock and roll upstarts with a singer who can ride the cusp of that noisy wave. What I like even more though is that there is always a hint of alt pop so even when it sounds like all hell is about to break loose there is a turning on Hipsy Gap collective heels to give us a bright new dawn wherein we can watch the sun come up or go down and feel that the future is bright. A band that have a blaze of ingenuity in their ranks and it will go on to inspire others as a result. A true opus from the Brooklyn troupe. KH

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Year: 2024

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