Lala Salama – Aurinko Sulattaa Mun Pään

My oh my this Helsinki trio sure do punctuate the air with some amount of riffology, the kind that reminds of the aftermath of an air raid so the pulse is definitely raised. With such an anthemic sweep so early I find there needs to be a counterpoint and to be fair the band introduce a singer (Rosa Jules) who offers something just as vital. So we’re flying along at a rate of knots but this is joyous company so we can accommodate our insides being pummeling to within an inch of their lives. Vitality is what Lala Salama bring to the table and all that is left is for the rest of us to feast upon the rich spread they’ve laid on for us. The title translates as ‘The Sun Melts My Head’, makes sense alright! KH

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Year: 2024

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