Solar Bears – Neon Colony

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It’s taken me some time to get around to Solar Bear’s, especially since their debut ‘She Was Coloured In’ has been out since last September. And despite not being entirely convinced I must say there is enough evidence to suggest that they may one day have the run of my affections. But for the moment I am just not feeling the hooks and while Orbital were capable of dragging a hookless arrangement out over several expansive minutes Solar Bears just haven’t got there yet. So why bother wasting time with them I hear you say? Well, they just leave a breadcrumb trail that I can’t resist following especially when one such trek ends up at the door of ‘Neon Colony’. Now this is more like it, a tad tinny (surely not fruity loops?) perhaps but boy is there a great tune bouncing around here. More of this and that break in the clouds will become a fully functioning sunny day. So close but solar you might say. KD

Solar Bears – Neon Colony

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Year: 2010

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