The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day

Not one for autos, in fact despite my advancing years I can’t even drive so the thoughts of spending a whole Saturday shopping for a replacement filled with me with sort of excitement normally reserved for Irish comedians or rugby. But unpleasantness is often important in oiling the wheels of life so the 3 of us trooped off in search of a doppelgänger for clapped out betsy and her frustrating lack of audio outputting functionality. In the end it was a fruitless exercise because despite the great depression purveyors of non environmentally friendly pollutants remain masters of wool pulling. Still at least it gave me a chance to write about the Go! Team, whose return to the fray with ‘Rolling Blackouts’ makes rainy days in vast oily surrounds all the more bearable. This is their new single (on 7-inch no less) and features Bethany from Best Coast on vocals who I must really begin to start loving. Yep, the Go! Team never fail to brighton us up ““ probably a product of where they come from. KD

The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day

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Year: 2011

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