DEDE – Secrets

Television advertising has come a long way since pretty ladies wearing flowered dresses held up a pack of smokes on live TV and told you “more doctors smoke Lucky Strikes!”  Nowadays commercials are shot in HD with CGI graphics, and jingles have evolved into soundtracks.

That is how we were exposed to Brooklyn duo DEDE, who penned a jingle for a psychedelic cat food commercial, of all things.  DEDE blends dreampop with funk bass and trip hop beats, but what makes this band stand out is a distinctly 60’s flavor.  It’s unique, it’s cool, and fun to listen to.

DEDE are unsigned but look poised to break into the mainstream.  They’ve released a self-titled EP that streams from Soundcloud (nothing for sale yet), but have released one song for download.  “Secrets” doesn’t have a beat, it has a groove.  Singer Deanne Reynolds’ silky voice is a dream and the bass doesn’t just walk, it dances with the beat.  Groovy, man.  Doug Mabry

DEDE – Secrets

More Info: Official
Buy Songs: Nothing yet!
Year: 2011

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