Brown Recluse – Night Train

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Timothy Meskers, Mark Saddlemire and their mates may as well have been curating our mixtapes recently given the amount of their songs which end up there. This year’s ‘Impressions of a City Morning’ is probably their bona-fide classic yet a couple of years earlier they were still turning out indie pop gems. Like the 12-inch vinyl release ‘The Soft Skin’ that included ‘Night Train’, a song so flush with gleeful dynamics it could surely erase sun-drenched clouds from the sky. Its simple keys, flitting brass and wholesome harmonies put us in a tizzy every time. KD

Brown Recluse – Night Train

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Year: 2009

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  1. Jeremy Jensen
    August 21, 2011

    One of my favorite new-ish indie pop bands.

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