[the] caseworker – National Runner

They are an Irish band but not that you know it as the two protagonists (Conor Devlin and Eimer Devlin – unrelated) involved flew from their native shores in the last century. It was San Francisco where they mixed it up with indie glitterati and developed a sound that resides in the best part of the nineties (early). There are long protracted silences between albums but the good news is that their third album ‘Letters From The Coast’ has been snapped up by Hidden Shoal. ‘National Runner’ is the promo tune and you may recognise it as it was one of 5 tracks that we put out on the ‘Boats‘ EP via Indiecater last year. This should swell the heart of aging shoegazers and sweep the legs from beneath retired dreampoppers. In effect it is the sound you thought was lost but was merely waiting to flee the imagination of [the] Caseworker. KD

[the] caseworker – National Runner

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Year: 2011

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