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Turtlemeyer – Amends

Funny how the moment you first heard an album can be so easily recalled, even decades later. This evening I’m thinking of a very early morning in 1995, foetal position on a couch, after a particularly heavy night of imbibement. […] 

Natalie Prass – Deer

Given the number of girls with guitars doing something similar to what Natalie Prass does isn’t it just dandy to discover how much better she is than most of them. The Nashville girl was an unknown quantity to us up […] 

Yusuf Azak – Eastern Sun

Given the intricate fretwork and slightly backgrounded vocals there are bound to be Nick Drake comparisons which ultimately means that Yusuf Azak is one damn exciting act. Seems Matt from Song, By Toad Records had been tracking the Aberdeen artist […] 

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