Yusuf Azak – Eastern Sun

Given the intricate fretwork and slightly backgrounded vocals there are bound to be Nick Drake comparisons which ultimately means that Yusuf Azak is one damn exciting act. Seems Matt from Song, By Toad Records had been tracking the Aberdeen artist for some time and decided to pounce as Azak’s debut record neared completion. It may prove to be the canniest move of the label’s short existence going on the evidence provided by ‘Eastern Sun’. Here is a tune that is set up so acoustically yet manages to pull more surprises than an Aer Lingus flight full of Corkonians. Its simple fragile nature has wormed its way into our affections to the extent that it should be appearing in our Top 42 of the year about this time next month KD

Yusuf Azak – Easter Sun

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Year: 2010

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