#13 Ryan Adams – Meadowlake Street

Ryan Adams current double album ‘Cold Roses’ requires an intensity of concentration but buried inside the multi-tracked opus are some of the most delicate sounds of 2005. The ex Whiskeytown singer is nothing if prolific with an attractive penchant for drifting between alt-country and straightforward rock and roll. On ‘Meadowlake Street’ the singer carves open his heart to present a paean to lost love. Vocals are fragile and beguiling with the acoustic backdrop perfectly instilling the sense of hopelessness when your fountain of happiness is beyond reach. The focused fury that arrives from nowhere is gleaned from memories rather than your typical Hollywood ending. Sadly it seems, for the present time at least, love remains hell. KD

Ryan Adams – Meadowlake Street

Album: Cold Roses
Year: 2005

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  1. Anonymous
    November 6, 2005

    this is a ridiculously great song. i’d also suggest “my love has gone” by josh rouse or “at least that’s what you said” by wilco if you’re feeling sour on love…

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