#12 Sound Team – Don't Turn Away

A creaking door, bogeymen lurking in the shadows and an over active imagination can be the only explanation for Sound Team’s ‘Don’t Turn Away’ because it’s quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Ok, there are ingenious nods to the underrated Clinic but who else could get away with unrehearsed church bells, drum beats recorded inside a cardboard box, indiscernibly juicy vocals and a keyboard that for all intensive purposes sounds like the midnight calls of a Mogwai. I guess that’s what happens when ideas run riot in the recording studio you’ve built for yourself. The Austin band are about to release their ‘Work’ EP on an unsuspecting world and if ‘Don’t Turn Away’ is anything to go by they will have a very intense spotlight cast in their direction before too long. And if they sell a few records perhaps they’ll have plenty to eat after midnight too. KD

Sound Team – Don’t Turn Away

Album: Work EP
Year: 2005

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