#25 Verve – She's A Superstar

You’d wouldn’t have guessed it from listening to their breakthrough album ‘Urban Hymns’ but Verve (the ‘The’ didn’t come along until Jazz label Verve Recordings threatened to sue over naming rights) were quite the space rock visionaries when they first set out. Their debut ‘A Storm In Heaven’ was full of heavy laced, wide-eyed arrangements that hinted at generous amounts of dabbling in the mind-expanding arena. This persuasion was aided in no small part by the fact that the band had talent to burn. Golf club Richard Ashcroft was the dream frontman and Nick McCabe, a gifted guitarist, his right hand man. The early days were characterised by song structures that lavishly occupied wide-open spaces with Ashcroft’s strong vocals soaring in and out of the dynamics. ‘She’s A Superstar’ appeared on the Verve EP in 1992 and boasted swollen waves of guitars and a deeply affecting performance from the singer. The star of the show, however, is bassist Simon Jones who weaves the atmospherics through a series of circular riffs. Towards the end he spins into hyperspace drawing a plot towards the stratosphere where McCabe twists his guitar into a fireball of sound. Just close your eyes and become a starsailor. KD

Verve – She’s A Superstar

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Year: 1992

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