#26 Bell X1 – Snakes & Snakes

In an unfair world Bell X1’s legacy could well have been remembered for the backing track to a lesbian kiss in a teen drama. Fortunately their latest album ‘Flock’ looks set to change all that, finally placing them amongst the elite. ‘Music In Mouth’ is where it all started to go right for the Kildare band, Damien Rice had long since fled and the dubious directions of their previous incarnation Juniper had been vanquished. ‘Music In Mouth’ spilled great ideas from every pore; jangling guitars were ubiquitous as were great admiring nods to ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead. As a live prospect Bell X1 have few peers and even the potentially embarrassing sight of 2 papier-mâché apples holding hands fails to diminish the experience. ‘Snakes & Snakes’ is a rush of surging riffs, breakneck rhythms and vocals that career off at odd tangents until they uncover another source of pure melody. Picture a 21st century reincarnation of the Byrds at their most shimmering and you’ll get the idea. KD

Bell X1 – Snakes & Snakes

Album: Music In Mouth
Year: 2003
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